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» Mohsen Mousavi
 Mohsen Mousavi 


عکس محسن


A Brief of His Background


The designing and wearing  manager of Mousavi Carpet Gallery established in 1960 under the supervision of seyed Aabolhassan  Mousavi Sirat “ I  was educated by my father ,  a very famous   master in designing , dying   and weaving , after had   been graduated in  painting  and handicrafts. I  have   created  many  works such as


 “ The last  day of Pompeii” 


آخرین روز پمپئی





 “ Louis the  Sixteenth’s  wedding “


عروسی لوئی شانزدهم




 “ 1001 nights ”







“ The last  dinner of   Jesus Christi "




We   purchased  two carpet  designing  systems from C.S.S company   in Demotex  Fair- Hanover   and I operated computer  in  carpet designing for the  first time in Iran  and have , ever  since prepared machine – woven  carpets and at the same time  have prepared a collection of  27 carpets on the   stories of Shahnameh   ( the Letter of Kings ) of  Firdausi. It was the first example of a carpet designed hased on a book. It is currently kept in Iranian Carpet Museum.

me and master


شاهنامه 1


 Iranian Carpet Museum


موزه فرش


I have also prepared the portraits of secretary generals of the U.N  NEW YORK currently kept in that organization.


دبیر کل 7  دبیر کل 6


 UN new york

Mohsen UN

دبیر کل 5  دبیر کل 4

 Many of which have been exhibited in the museums all over the world and many are kept by collectioners.

I have, since  1989, educated  by Ayden Aghdashloo  , on professional designing  and painting and  as a result I have  had 30 individual and   group  exhibitions . I   have participated in   international biennials as well.


Education &  Professional Training


- professional designing & painting course.

- professional course in traditional carpet designing (Hand and machine – Woven).

- Professional course of Textile computer designing (C.S.S).

- Professional course of Carpet computer designing (Booria).

- Professional course of dying and weaving and related techniques.

- Professional course of Jewelry 3D design with computer (Rhino & Matrix).




- Innovative design rugs for the blind for the first time in the world.

- Designing & preparation of traditional, modern and portrait carpets, designing of traditional, modern and   portrait machine – woven carpets.

- Designing of machine woven   carpets for carpet weaving and service companies;   Design management in Mousavi Carpet Designing Gallery.

- Managing director and Vice – Chairman of the   cooperative Co. affiliated to Sirat Carpet Designing Gallery (Tehran)

- Managing director and vice chairman of sirat Baft Cooperative Company (Qum).


Professional  Artistic  Background


- Participation in 1st International Fair of Iranian carpet. 1991

- Participation in 2nd International Iranian Carpet Fair. 1992

- Participation in 3rd International Iranian Carpet Fair. 1993

- Participation in 4th International   Iranian Carpet Fair. 1995

- Participation in International   Carpet Fair, Toronto, Canada (under the title: The star of Iranian Carpet). 1997

- Participation of in International carpet fair, Qatar. 1994

- Participation in International carpet Fair, Lebanon. 1993

- Participation in International Carpet Fair, Hanover, Germany. 1994.

- Participation in International Carpet Fair, Hanover, Germany. 1995

- Participation in International Carpet Fair, Hanover, 1996.

- Participation in International Carpet Fair, Stuttgart, Germany. 1997

- Participation in international Carpet Fair  in the U.A.E  ( Dubai ).1995

- Participation in Asian & oceanic Carpet Fair (Tehran). 1997

- Participation in the specific fair   of the Intentional Conference of the Heads of Islamic States (Tehran).

- Holding of about 30 individual and group exhibitions.

- Participation in International Carpet Fair in Iranian Carpet Museum. 2003

And / many other international fairs inside the country and abroad.


طراحی سایت و پورتال، هاست و سرور اختصاصی - رادکام